The Yard at Mission Rock

Community Calendar Information & Application Form

The Yard Community Calendar provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to host events at The Yard for the enjoyment of the public. Events such as performances, films, art workshops, demonstrations (to name a few) make The Yard a destination and gives our community a place to visit and experience local creativity, education and entertainment.

Types of Events
The Yard seeks two types of Community Calendar events:

Applying for the Community Calendar
If you’re an individual or an organization with a great idea and experience in producing events, then we’d love to hear from you – simply complete the application form below.

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  • 2. Summary Statement *

    Tell us about your proposed Community Calendar event at The Yard at Mission Rock. Make sure to describe your target audience and why you think your program will be a success. 

  • 3. Event Type

    Which type of event are you proposing to host at The Yard at Mission Rock? (click to check the appropriate box/es)

  • 5. Event Date and Times

    What are your event date(s) and anticipated operational times?

  • 6. Event Partners

    Who is involved in your proposed event? Be sure to provide details of the organizations/ individuals names (and website, if applicable), a description of their services, how they will contribute to your event and if they have committed to participating in your event.

  • 7. Equipment

    What equipment do you need for your event? Indicate which of this equipment you have at your disposal and which equipment you would need to acquire or rent.

  • 8. Marketing Plan

    Describe how you will actively market your event to attract your target audience, including a proposed marketing schedule. Please attach additional sheets if you require more space. 

  • 9. Financial Model

    Events hosted at The Yard at Mission Rock must be self-funding. That is, they must have adequate revenue to support expenditures. You will be wholly responsible for their events finances. Please describe your event's projected revenue and expenditure. Depending on the event specifications, there may be fees associated with the use of The Yard. Should fees be applicable, these will be determined and communicated on review of your submission.

  • 10. Non Profit Grant Eligibility

    There are a limited number of grant opportunities for registered 501c3 organizations. Are you a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization?

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    10a. Funding

    There are a limited number of grant opportunities for these events. Are you interested in being considered for a grant?

  • 10b. Financial Need

    How much grant funding is requested to host your event(s)?

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